Together we can do better

“We the people…

Somewhere along the line we stopped acting like the “United” States.  We became red and blue states, divided by the same differences that used to balance us.
Cooperation and compromise became fighting words, and our country has suffered.  I have no illusions that the road ahead will be easy. Quite the contrary, I expect it will be onerous.  So be it. I believe we can do better as a nation, and I’m committed to doing my part. Together we can do better.”

-Jim Lange




From humble beginnings moving from place to place and watching my mother struggle, to losing my father at an early age, I know the challenges of growing up in America. Responsibility was thrust upon me in my youth and I embraced it. For over twenty years I have helped others get through turbulent times as a business consultant. With my most loving, supportive, and ever patient wife by my side, I have had the honor to become involved in many community service organizations over the years. In the wake of Haiti’s 2010 cataclysmic earthquake, I founded the Haiti Recovery and Development Company. Working on a project to establish a Haitian National Memorial and Peace Park to honor the dead, and through my efforts to work with the Haitian establishment, the country’s most vulnerable citizens, and various institutions, I have achieved historic results to improve the lives of many by using my private sector experience and alliance-building skills. This skill set will serve our families well in Congress. Join us as we embark on this journey together. Together we always do better.

Why I am Running

Some people are born for political theater. I do not count myself among them. Service for others has always been at my core. It is a deep and burning need, born from empathy. To look around and see so many of our people struggle while those in Washington live a life disconnected from the average American is infuriating. Time and time again we have seen our tax dollars misspent, misappropriated, and even stolen both here and abroad. These egregious offenses combined with disgusting and hateful rhetoric by Congressional leadership has pushed me into action. I have decided to stop complaining and to do something about it. This is why I am running for Congress. Join me. It would be my honor to serve and represent our families, our people, and our nation. Together we will do better.