About Us

To join the fight against climate change by building carbon neutral homes, while providing homeowners with almost $0 in gas and electricity bills and home built to last.

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Engineered To Be The Best


A break from the past. New ideas, clean lines, a true revolution in homeownership thinking. The pursuit of homes self-powered by renewable energy and saving our climate. With patents pending, our homes are like nothing else in North Texas.

Work of Art

Our homes are stunning. Natural materials, perfect proportions, The New Modern Home™ is a work of art. Our homes are thoughtfully balanced when viewed from the street. The modern home is ready to look good for the next 100 years.

Better Quality

We always believe in making the right product choices for the homeowner. A lifetime – that’s how long we expect your home to last, and it determines our thoughtful selection and unique mixture of materials used on your home. The New Modern Home™ is designed to last a lifetime.

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